Online Classes

The online classes are currently not available. If the replay's become on demand I will consider them at that time.


If you are interested in this happening, please, let me know so that I may let the folks who provided them know.


Thank you.

In Cooperation with The Medina Agency:

to bring you the expert help you need and deserve.


Also, 10% of all enrollment fees are earmarked for charities to help disaster victims on an ongoing basis.


1. Healthy Weight and Self ImageInstead of using archaic dieting practices, this intervention uses 21st century neurokinetic science to reset the BRAIN to BODY messaging that determines eating habits. Each aspect of the messaging system is reset: urges, cravings, hunger, appetite, serving sizes, nutrient needs, and more. The BRAIN does not view weight loss or gain the same way the MIND does. The BRAIN views unhealthy weight as a threat to your survival. Weight loss (or gain for the underweight) is rapid and consistent.


2. SPR PAIN RELIEF and Management of Long Term Conditions – Theta wave hypnosis eliminates the threat of pain enough that it is used for surgery for patients who cannot risk using anesthesia. You will learn a simple neurokinetic technique that will enable you to address your pain immediately and consistently. Pain relief can rapidly become sufficient enough to restore full activity. Systemic Pain Relief can release deep seated pain that has become resistant to treatment and non-responsive to meds. Effective for long term conditions.


3. BRAIN Directed Sleep – Restore the sleep cycles that are absolutely necessary for a human to be able to have healthy views of the world they live in. Modern science has linked sleep deprivation to numerous forms of anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses, and cancers. You will quickly learn how to end sleeplessness, end nightmares, resume sleep after awakening, and other exhausting forms of sleep interference.



4. Traumatizing Experiences of Wildfires, Floods, Earthquakes, and other disasters – Neurokinesis works with uniquely scripted applications for the BRAIN to quickly remove the fears and anxieties that these experiences cause in so many of us. You can retain the memory without the threat of the pain filled “memory of the memory.” EMS and other First responders do not have to suffer either because of how quickly the techniques deal with the trauma that too often leads to PTSD. Certified Intervention.