Practitioner Services

Knowledge is to be Shared

No matter where we are in life we all need something or someone to help us move on the path to where we need and want to be.


After 40 some years I have a bunch of tools in my toolbox. You can read about them here. It is part of my requirements of myself that I share what I have learned. That may be with the 30 minute free phone consult to help you pick a path, speaking to your group, club or business or working with you on an individual basis


I know this may seem humorous, but think of me the same way you would think of an electrician or plumber. You have something going on that is not beneficial to you, you don't have sufficient knowledge or the proper tools to fix it, so you contact someone who does. When you call that professional, do you ask them to explain in detail every tool they have, or do you just say, I need your help? Well, help is here when you want it.