Why Contact The Healthy Zone?

It's About Restoring Normal Function for Optimum Health and Empowering Your Life.

I look at the historical, emotional, physical and spiritual you.

  • What influence has your physical environment have (Did you grow up next to a chemical plant, etc.?).
  • Do you control your emotions or do they control you?
  • What physical factors influence your life?
  • Do you have a spiritual base? (Are you grounded by maybe a meditation practice, etc.?)

The short of it. You can take charge of your health or your doctor can take care of your sickness program. The choice is always yours.


No matter where you are, start there. Jim Rohn said, "If you can't see where you're going throw a stone. Walk to it and throw it again." With Conscious Walking you do it one step at a time.

The Top Reasons:

  • You watch generations before you and don't want to go there.
  • You go to the doctor, receive some bad test scores and want to begin a different life path.
  • You are on your way down a life path that is not a pretty sight.
  • You are an athlete who is looking for better performance safely or are an older athlete who wants to continue to perform without deterioration.   
  • You made the choice for a healthier lifestyle. But you don't know where to start or you have hit a plateau.
  • You know that accountability increases chances of success by over 50%.

What You Might Expect:

  • You will find out where you are right now in relation to your health goals. 
  • We will provide you with the place to start and the track to move towards your goals.
  • We will never ever take something away without replacing it with something of equal or greater value. This is especially true when you start on your path to better wellness.
  • You will reap the benefits your improved health provides, living your life on the joyful edge of creativity.
  • You will achieve deep satisfaction, attain your goals and be able to maintain them.

Expectation and Outcomes
Your Possibilities

The Healthy Zone is a place of exploration. It is the place you re-learn to communicate with yourself in a manner that will lead to being *weller.*


You can start with the thirty minute complimentary, no obligation consult. If I am a good match then we can schedule you for an initial evaluation to start you on your way to becoming *weller* naturally.


Over the forty years I have learned a number of techniques, studied with some outstanding teachers and obtained a few meaningful certifications. Some of these overlap, but as you look at the healing paths it is my hope that you will get a feel for how I can help you get to the place you are seeking.