Bach Flower Essences

The benefit of Bach is a no side effect way of supporting you through life changes or stressful periods. It gently takes the edge off and allows you to move forward.

These great essences may be described as the homeopathy of aroma therapy.


If you're looking for scents, this is not the place.

If you are looking for results, this is.


Edward Bach was born in 1886. He was strongly influenced by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy. Dr. Bach worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital starting in 1919. Prior to that he was Casualty House Surgeon at the National Temperance Hospital in London. He also served as Assistant Bacteriologist at the University College Hospital in London. I tell you this because today many people exposed only to what is now termed traditional medicine, allopathic, leads us to believe that the folks who founded alternative paths of wellness were somehow uneducated.


Dr. Bach believed in treatment of the individual and doing no harm. He believed treatment should be with things that were good for the patient, and convinced that no toxic substance could ever really function as a cure. Bach used the essences of 38 plants. They are aimed at the emotional aspects of healing. The theory that mind controls the body. That our body manifests many symptoms which may be based in our emotional history.



I use Bach Flower Essences from those same fields, prepared as he prepared them. My theory is why mess with genius!


My clients find them extremely useful. Some have been working with their own special custom mixes for long enough to see how they compliment and support the changes that happen in all our lives.


Custom mixed essences are prepared by questionaire or kinesiology. It is uncanny, even to me, how an essence will be called for before we look at interpretation. When we review the interpretation together, the essence combination is right on the mark.