About Enzymes

   If you want to explore on your own

or don't have a Loomis practitioner in your neighborhood

Then shopping here is just for you.  

Enzyme Formulations is dedicated to the highest quality of each ingredient in every NATURAL ENZYMES product.

Multiple Food Enzyme Formulas are taken with the first bite of your meals. They make your meal, which may include processed or cooked foods, a whole food by replacing the enzymes removed or lost from your diet, so your body extracts the most nutrient value for your body from your food, nourishing you deeply.

Specific Nutrient Support Formulas are just that: Specific to your needs and the needs of your family. For example, one of these formulas is our much-awaited Natural Enzymes with Probiotics in capsule form.  

Why Order from The Healthy Zone?

1- If you have a question about which product is right for you, I can usually answer it. If I feel you would be better served seeing someone in person, I will tell you that. With over 40 years experience and an advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist certification you are in safe hands.


2- We do not charge shipping or handling on Natural Enzyme products shipped within the USA. It may not be possible to ship these products to other countries due to nutritional supplementation laws in that country. These are always changing. If you wish to place an order from outside the USA it is best to email first. 


3- There is no minimum order. 

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