I wander around, I check things out, and this happens!

Enzymes for your mouth and teeth. 

I tried something that was new, it worked but was ridiculously expensive. The supposedly same brand on Amazon was not the same brand, but a ripoff. Then I found this brand and it worked even better than the original. It's the last thing that goes in my mouth before bed. That way it has all night to work.

I would put up the before and after pics of a split tooth I have, except they're gross. Before you ask, why not just get the tooth fixed, I'll explain. I am allergic to the carrier (PEG) of almost every vaccine and injectable and drop. Getting oral surgery in the US is not a possibility for me. This product has helped the tooth to the extent that the dentin under the enamel went from non-existent to filled in. I have no idea if will help on a tooth that the root is dead.

This is my toothpaste of choice. (No flouride, I don't need to calcify my pineal gland.) The hydroxyapatite also helped with the tooth mentioned above. It is known to heal teeth.

I'm in love with this organic aloe product. I use another ayurvedic product during the winter, but it's gunky during the summer. This is not. It soaks right in and yet gives me the natural sun protection that is part of aloe. Also, it doesn't have a strong scent. I really hate it when I can smell my face.

If you love chocolate and want something really rich, a combo of a little coconut butter with raw organic cacao will take care of that. No need for sugar. No need for flour. Just a little will take care of the sweet tooth many of us were raised with.

You simply have not tasted mayonnaise until you taste this stuff. It's olive oil based and non-gmo. I wish it were organic, but it's that good that I'll compromise. No guilt here.