The Healthy Zone is dedicated to:

  • Improving the quality of your life
  • Bringing a clear perception of you are now
  • Helping you to where you want to be
  • Helping create a healthier and happier world


  • BA, Western Michigan University - History, Political Science
  • Where I learned to think strategically.
  •  CNHP - Certified Natural Health Professional
  • Education in about thirty modalities of wellness
  • AdvLDHS - Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist
  • The highest certification from the people who figured out how to use the different enzymes.


  • CLEC - Certified Life Enhancement Coach
  • Body Direct to Brain.
  • Techniques for Your Entire Life with Independence from your Emotional History.


  • Everything is about your outcome.
  • It's about a safe place to explore, test and grow into the person you want to be and the life you want to live.
  • My answers don't matter. Yours do.
  • I help you find them.


Corporate Life

I spent my corporate life in group health insurance claims. Over twenty years of paying, training, negotiating with hospitals, auditing and managing, gave me a deep understanding of the medical protocols. Knowing them allows me to understand where you are right now.   

Dancer's Story - The Start of It All

In 1976 my Event Horse, Shadow Dancer, an old line Appaloosa simply could not function well.  I would take him out and watch him become completely stressed and then I would bring him into the indoor arena and he was fine. Although I had a terrific vet he could not find the problem. A friend told me about a nutrition person for horses. I called her even though I was completely skeptical. In spite of my attitude she helped me.


After a hair analysis and long questionnaire she determined Dancer had ingested heavy metals from the watering troughs. She sent me a powder to remove the metals and told me my horse would shrink. My response was beyond skeptical.


About a week later my trainer arrived. All the trainer knew was that I was unable to ride Dancer. When I arrived at the barn he came running out saying, “Linda, Linda your horse!”


I responded, "What? Did I kill him?"


The reply, “No, no, he shrunk!” 


That was the point at which I decided perhaps there was something to nutrition.

Family History

I remembered a long time ago that my family practitioner had talked about enzymes. In fact my mother, grandmother and I were part of an inter-generational study in the 70's. Our physician told me I had enzyme deficiencies but beyond that he could not help. They knew people ran out of enzymes--some at twenty; some at ninety--but at that time replacing them was not possible by supplementation. 

My Passion is Your Health

Fast forward a number of years. I found out that now enzymes could be replaced. I started working with a simple enzyme mix. It was very successful for me and my clients. Then I learned about the Loomis Institute, now The Food Enzyme Institute. The rest as they say is history.

My passion: helping you to be healthier and happier.

Linda has been a wellness practitioner for over 45 years.  "I don't have protocols. One size never fits all."