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Power Up for Women

Online Emotional Clearing Sessions

  • Whose life are you living? An ancestor, parent, significant other, employer, someone else?
  • Why do you react in the way you do?
  • Does your daily life make you cringe?
  • Find what really lights you up.
  • Clean out the cobwebs and emotional hangovers. 
  • Sessions are online for your convenience.
  • Special for January and February $90 per 45 minute session

Power Up for Women

Get Powered Up in March



Getting to Your Why


Schedule your group's Goals and Dreams Workshop today.

Emphasize what your group needs.

  • "The One Thing" 45 minute group sessions
  • Team building or project driven sessions - 2 to 3 hours 
  • The year ahead 1.5 to 2 hour group sessions (depending on number of participants)
  • The next phase of your life group dream board sessions - 1.5 hours

Contact The Healthy Zone to find out how.


Prices dependent on group size.


Book of the Month

"The Enzyme Advantage for Women"

by Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA with Arnold Mann

Just out and long awaited from the founder of The Food Enzyme Institute.

A Must Read for Every Woman

And every man who wants to understand. 

News and Events

It's been a busy time with new certifications and more. I have no events scheduled right now but check back. If you would like to schedule me to present to your group I am happy to oblige.

New Certification, CLEC - Certified Life Enhancement Coach

I've been working this summer and into the winter to obtain another of those meaningful certifications. This one is a Life Enhancement Coach. That's the legal name for being able to work with folks on their issues of trauma, PTSD or other things from our past that no longer serve. 


Content free, medication free, online anywhere.


More info on the PTSD and Trauma Coaching Page

My Continuing Education for CNHP gave me an Eastern medicine technique for emotional clearing. If you are continually running up  against something that you just never seems to go away it maybe inherited. Want it gone? Yes, that energy frequency can be neutralized. 


This technique works particularly well for the stuff that is not yours. By that I mean things that you inherited down your genetic line or things that you witnessed especially in early childhood.


I'll be offering this at The Inner Light Festival February 10th and 11th in Lexington, KY as well as online as my product of the month this month.


Epigenetics is where the spiritual and western science meet. I posted one of the first studies I've seen of inherited trauma on my Facebook page on Aug 23rd.


Contact me for more information



The results from my last blood work was not good. I did an energy session with Linda that was really outstanding, reconnecting feelings with actions so to speak…parts work…and my eating has been 500% improved. S.H.


My litmus test is, “How’s that working for you?” and as long as it does no harm go for it. I work in the healthcare field and God knows I see a considerable amount of damage from conventional medicine and wisdom. S.W.

Monthly Event: Psychic Saturday

Brought to you by my good friend Soni Weiss.

1001 Merlins Court, Herndon, VA 20170

A lovely event held the first Saturday of each month from 11 to 5 at The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center


A number of practitioners and sometimes vendors like Remnants of Magic, beautiful stone and crystal jewelry, are present. I'm sure Matt will have some special jewelry ideas for you. 


I will not be there for a few months but it is a lot of fun, don't miss it.


Please, visit the Facebook page.


There are also a number of workshops happening at The Golden Lighthouse. For a full schedule please visit their site.


Keep up with all the events on MeetUp 

Office News

I am working out of Blue Lotus Health and Acupuncture Center, 3720 Willow Ridge Rd., Lexington, KY 40514 and at Blue Lotus inside the Wellness Center on the Square in Berea. All appointments must be booked in advance through The Healthy Zone. 


Contact me and we can make the appointment.

Enzyme News

Enzyme Formulations does not settle for inferior raw materials. This means that sometimes the color, texture, ingredient to do the job, or price must change. We all hate price changes, but personally, I'd rather know that the quality is maintained. I hope you feel the same.