It's All About Holistic Health


Most of us take better care of our cars

than of ourselves.

And yet,

we can always replace a car...

That is not true of our bodies.  


So why do we treat ourselves so poorly? 

Here are a few thoughts:

1- We don’t know where to start.


2- We believe taking care of ourselves involves deprivation.


3- We believe it is more costly, difficult and /or time consuming to be healthy.


4- We believe getting healthy is a punishment for getting sick. 

     (Our doctors tell us we have bad numbers so we have to give up...)


5- We don't believe we deserve to be healthy.


6- We think we are "healthy enough" with our conditions managed by drugs.

My Values

1- Start where you are and change to the direction you want to go.

2- Never ever take something away without replacing it with something of equal or greater value. This is especially true when you start on your path to better wellness.


2 - Work to restore normal function to your optimum levels.

4- Reap the benefits and satisfaction of your optimum health.  Live life up to your capacity.