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My definition of superfoods (a much overused word) are those that can fill specific needs to shortcut your learning curve. In the general vernacular there is always the newest, greatest, just eat this and you'll be completely healthy. That is nonsense. Variety is always the key as each food has certain micro-nutrients that interact with each other. If you want them all you need to eat a variety of foods, preferably organic whole plant foods.

I have put here some shortcuts like protein and green powders.

Spirulina tablets. You can almost live on this. (There is no B12 but you can get that in nutritional yeast. Buy bulk not cute shakers or pills. It's great in soups and stews or on a salad or organic popcorn.)  I take it hiking. Plenty of energy, no space required. Great protein source in a tiny package.

Omegas, high in A and B12, good for your eyes.  Also it's a complete protein. Great on salads, avocado toast, in soups or stews. You can even just take a handful.

Meal replacement or protein supplement as a food insurance. We tend to overdo protein in the USA and we over emphasize meat. A good balanced meal is great, but sometimes you just can't. I've been drinking my breakfast for years. (My stomach wakes up way after I do.)

Never Whey, Never CaseinAlways Organic and Vegan. Here are a few.

Ora Brand Vanilla

Ora Brand Chocolate

Ora Brand Vanilla Chai

SB Organics Vanilla

SB Organics Chocolate

Peak Performance - Grain Free

Some days we just don't get our fruits and veggies. I consider this as food insurance. Greens for if you are a little short that day. Now, please, I'm not telling you to forget your fresh greens. Powdered is not as good as the fresh stuff, but it helps.

I put them my morning shake. 

Amazing Grass Original Super Greens (One of my exceptions to organic. It is non-GMO. The exception is because of pricing.)

If you are allergic to grasses, BrainMD is the only brand I found without them. It's not exactly what I would like, but it's as close as I can get.

Organic Alternative Milks - powder - There is no reason for an adult to be drinking dairy milk. I also stay away from Almond milk in deference to the bees and their keepers. They say that over 70% of the bees die. So, no to almond. Soy, well, it's up to you. If you drink that, please, make sure it's organic. 

These have no filler or de-clumpers which are very bitter and not meant for us. They just make packaging easier.

Oat milk powder

Coconut milk powder

Traditional Peruvian adaptogen, Maca,  for your endocrine system. (Endocrine = your hormonal system, all of it.)

I prefer black maca. You can get mixed for less, but that's because mixed has a lower effectiveness.

MSM and Silica are two things on the macro level that you body need for any part that needs to flexible and strong. I'll leave it at that. I doubt you want a physiology course here.

They are under the supplements tab since they are not whole foods. Horsetail is, but it goes with the MSM so I kept it there.

A common occurrence in the USA is gallbladder removal. A little prevention, or early intervention could go a long way to reducing the risks of having to have surgery. There is a very nice herbal liquid that seems to do just that. Some of my clients and I use it a couple of times a year. 

An article from Johns Hopkins says that 78% of hospitalizations resulted in surgery following medical protocol at a cost of around $2 billion dollars. Of the remaining 22%, 67% never needed surgery in course of the 4 year study. The rest had surgery later.

I'll leave behavioral assumptions up to you. I do my best not to make them. Personally, if surgery can be avoided, let's try that first. We don't have spare parts.

You can go online if you wish and read the risk factors.