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Clean Water

You will recognize a theme as you go through these supplements and super foods. Almost all are plant based, organic and capsules.  Some are powders, like the protein mixes. Some are superfoods.

We can get what we need from plants without collapsing things like the Antarctic food chain. Organic means they are non-GMO ( farmers can harvest seeds  for the next years crop and there are no pesticides built into the plant), and have no nasty pesticides or herbicides sprayed on them during growth or for harvest.

I have a distaste for tablets as the temperature they reach on compaction can destroy nutrients. There are one or two exceptions here.

More and more our water is not only chlorinated but fluoridated. Since fluoride is a neurotoxin I prefer to remove it from my water. This is an inexpensive way to do it. I have other systems on the Nikken tab.

The logo is the link to Epic's website where yo can see there full range of products. I use the water bottle for travel and the pitcher. You can sign up for filter auto-ship, save some money and sent them back 4 used filters to recycle and they will send you a free filter. Their customer service is beyond terrific. I also keep a camping filter on hand to switch out in case we go on a boil water alert I filter it first and then depending on the alert may boil.

I have been recommending this filter for years. They have just been rated number 1 by The Environmental Working Group.

Here's a little something I found. The bathroom tap has been the missing link in clean water. Washing our faces, cleaning our teeth have had to be done in chlorinated water unless we have a whole house de-chlorination unit.  The units that are out there are too big or clunky for the average bathroom faucet. Here's an inexpensive answer. 

Favorite Supplements

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I have these items here to help you. If you find them elsewhere for less at any given time, great. The point is you will know what I have looked into as having the most of the good things and least of the bad things. If you think you have one that is better, please, let me know what it is. Thank you.

This page was getting a bit lengthy, so I have split it in two. One for supplements and one for superfoods.


We all need it. Many of us don't have it. Many have "overactive" immune systems. I believe that to be a misnomer. The language is misleading. Out of balance would be more to the point. Many natural substances are adaptogens. (Meaning: "a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes". If you prefer simplicity, if it's too active it calms it, if it's underactive it brings it up.) Here are a few I just love.

This little brown seaweed is the source of something called fucoidan. As of this writing there are 1721 studies published on the US Medical library at 

Handy reference page

I have used it from several companies over the years. Some changed their formulas and some went away. This is my current source. With over 14 different proven beneficial actions on the body I will not be without fucoidan. It's just that important. I even give it to my cats.

Elderberry has been a staple of respiratory support for generations. The addition of medicinal mushrooms takes it to a whole new level.

Host Defense Elderberry Plus seems to be out of stock at Amazon. It is in stock here.

This is something I have been using since the 1990's. The two functions I most love about it are 1) it helps messages across the synapses (the gaps between nerve endings) and 2) it's an adaptogen (helps keep your acidity/ alkalinity in a range that benefits us) for the body's pH. That means when the nasties attack you it makes you an inhospitable host and the nasties have trouble reproducing. 

If you have watched the documentary "Fantastic Fungi" you will know why this is here.  Turkey Tail is a remarkable fungus. Enough said.

Here's a homeopathic that is versatile. If you are going to spend time with a bunch of people (the office, a cruise ship, a conference, young children) you get the idea, one canister in water every morning seems to help in keeping the nasties at bay. If you do get exposed you can up it to 2 or 3 canisters a day to help you get over it. 

I don't pretend to completely understand, but in all the years my clients and I have been doing this we have had significantly less incidence of nasty bugs interfering with the fun times.


For those people who feel they need a multi-vitamin here are some choices.  Multis have become a bit problematic. All the organic I can find are tablets and the only capsules I can find are not. They are non-GMO. The pressure of creating tablets raises the temperature and destroys some of the good things, like enzymes in the whole foods used in my choices. Let's not even talk about gummies which are so loaded with things you don't want in order to make them gummies.

There is also an alternative to this on the Nikken tab or yet another at I am not allowed by affiliate agreement to put a live link for Asea, so you please, copy and paste.

Nikken comes in one for men or women. Asea is for both men and women.

Organic B complex is a big deal, especially if you are under a lot of stress. B's are water soluble which means you can take what you need. They are your "happy" vitamin complex. You can burn through a lot of it. I prefer to use Nutritional yeast, but that is not always convenient when you travel or it's not suitable for the recipe. 

Take the whole complex. They work together. When you take only one part (like B12) of the complex you are depleting the rest. You may need just the B12 if you are getting enough complex in your vegetarian diet but need a boost of B12.

You can also use Calm Drops flower essence which is at the bottom of the page.

Let's not forget the Omegas and DHA. Please, spare the fish and the krill and all the other overfished species. We can get what we need from  plants. Better for you, better for the planet and more bio-available. Having enough good fats has been shown by research to be very good for your eyes, especially the retina which is where the macula is.

I've been using this stuff on and off since the 90's. According to published data and live cell microscopy (which is hard to get these days in the USA) it unclumps blood and is a pH adaptogen. That's fancy for if you are too acid it helps you be alkaline and if you're too alkaline it helps you be acid. Because of this it may help you be an inhospitable host to nasty critters like viruses and bacteria that are not good for you.

It is important to use only real plant based Vitamin C. Contrary to the laws passed years ago, ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C and may actually harm you according to studies published as far back as the 1990's. It does not matter what type of ascorbic acid it is; buffered, time release, etc. None of it is Vitamin C.

Many people like magnesium. In my humble opinion it is not something to take on a routine basis. However, if you are taking something in a prescription that depletes it, or some other reason you are really in need, here's my favorite. Things from the sea cannot be labeled organic as a rule. so, you won't see that label.

Zinc has gotten a lot of press about it's use for the immune system where it blocks the sites on the cells that some nasties can plug into. If you are going to use zinc an organic source is always best. Zinc it needed to utilize B12 and iron. Interestingly it has also been associated with disturbances in the senses of taste and smell.

If you have not been off of GMO or standard farming vegetables and grains which have been produced or harvested with glyphosate for at least 2 years you may want to consider this supplement. There is now some evidence showing that it may block the uptake of this herbicide into your body. It's a non-essential amino acid which is part of the protein production and energy cycles in the body. NAC is  a precursor (helps your body make it's own) to N-acetyl glutathione.

There has been a great deal of information, much false, on probiotics. Probiotics are taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meals. If you have been on anti-biotics, and that includes colloidal silver internal, please, contact me directly for guidance. This probiotic is for something else. It is known as a flushing probiotic to drive out the "bad bacteria" and restore balance. It does not stay in your system. I recommend keeping a bottle and a glass of filtered water by your toothbrush. As soon as you finish brushing in the morning take a capsule. By the time you hit your kitchen you should be ready to eat.

I use one through my Enzyme folks, but you must contact me as it is practitioner only and labeling laws do not allow listing on the website.

There is a lot of talk about candida. Let's be clean, candida can only live outside the body. Outside the body includes wet skin (digestive, reproductive, respiratory, ear canal, etc.) It cannot live in the inside environment because of the pH. Here is something you can use to help with that, but there is a protocol for it's use, so, please, contact me. I cannot stress this enough. I have debated if I should in good conscience put this product in the open section of my website.

Traditional foods for your joints. If you need things to be flexible and strong in your body here are two of the building blocks. Your body can use them according to where you need it.

Organic MSM I would not recommend putting this in your shake, just put it in some water.

If you travel you may want capsules. It might keep you from TSA checking your powders.

Shavegrass (organic silica)

Organic bamboo - use this instead of horsetail if you have kidney issues.

Reishi is the mushroom that checks all the boxes. I've left it here in supplements since it's not eating the mushroom itself. I am a big supporter of eating mushrooms. Many are a protein source, as well as adding flavor, but the medicinals (supplements) usually come from the matt the flowers(mushrooms you know) come out of

I like Host Defense brand. I trust their integrity, way past carbon neutral, defending boreal forests and part of major research.

Memory and Brain and Nervous System in general

I take this every morning. I wouldn't be with out it. At the moment Amazon is, but that doesn't mean you have to be.

Lion's Mane  is just lovely. Brain function, nervous system anti-stress. Bonus, if you eat the mushroom it's also a protein source.

If you prefer Ayurvedic over mushrooms, this is a great one for your mental function.

ALA - for your brain health. Do not start with 1 a day, contact me.

Eye health is important to all of us. We need the nutrients. If you are working with me on digesting and eating the right foods, that's a great way to go, but if, like me you have lived outdoors for most of your life you may feel more secure adding a little extra.

I like this one from Pure Synergy. It's loaded with ingredients and it's organic plant based.

One also needs mineral. We are meant to eat the plants, not the rocks. So long ago the plants did their thing. Now as a  sediment laid down over the ages we now call them humic.

Most of the humic comes from Utah or Nevada, why, well they were a sea once and all those little plants that floated around gave us their minerals.

If you are traveling you may prefer capsules to again keep TSA out of your stuff.

Here's a little something, especially for those of you who live in the Piedmont or are otherwise challenged. This is not something you use on a regular basis. Perhaps once or twice a year will do it for you. Just make sure none of the herbs don't play nice with your prescription drugs. Easy to do, just go to You can look up whatever your doctor gave you and check contraindications. Looking up your meds is something I always recommend anyway. is the least medical salesmanship place to do it.

This is a great family of products. Sorry, not allowed to link from here. The only way is copy and paste and become a retail customer, preferred customer (autoship) or distributor. Feel free to contact me for more information.

This way you will get points which will save you money on future purchases and keep me in compliance. Thanks.

A marvelous temporary stress relief. If you need it all the time then, let's talk.

Homeopathic calm drops. Just put one under your tongue and get on with your day. They are not really drops as in liquid, they are tablets.

Amazon doesn't carry these but Vitacost  and Walmart do.

Bach is called Rescue Remedy. This is the liquid dropper form. Good for you animals as well. Just put a drop inside their outer ear. I've used it on cats, dogs and high-strung horses.