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More and more our water is not only chlorinated but fluoridated. Since fluoride is a neurotoxin I prefer to remove it from my water. This is an inexpensive way to do it. I have other systems on the Nikken tab.

Favorite Foods and Supplements

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I have these items here to help you. If you find them elsewhere for less at any given time, great. The point is you will know what I have looked into as having the most of the good things and least of the plastic things. If you think you have one that is better, please, let me know what it is. Thank you.

Sorry, this page is getting a little lengthy, but I think you'll find the scrolling worth it.

This little brown seaweed is the source of something called fucoidan. As of this writing there are 1721 studies published on the US Medical library at 

Handy reference page

I have used it from several companies over the years. Some changed their formulas and some went away. This is my current source. With over 14 different proven beneficial actions on the body I will not be without fucoidan. It's just that important. I even give it to my cats.

You can almost live on this (no B12).  I take it hiking. Plenty of energy, no space required. Great protein source in a tiny package.

Omegas, vitamins, minerals, good stuff and really good for your liver (according to the many studies).

For those women who feel they need a multi-vitamin here is one choice. There is also an alternative to this on the Nikken tab or yet another at

And for men this or see one of the two others listed above in the for women.

Organic B complex is a big deal, especially if you are under a lot of stress. B's are water soluble which means you can take what you need. They are your "happy" vitamin complex. You can burn through a lot of it. I prefer to use Nutritional yeast, but that is not always convenient when you travel or it's not suitable for the recipe. 

Take the whole complex. They work together. When you take only one part (like B12) of the complex you are depleting the rest.

You can also use Calm Drops flower essence which is at the bottom of the page.

It is important to use only real plant based Vitamin C. Contrary to the laws passed years ago, ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C and may actually harm you according to studies published as far back as the 1990's. It does not matter what type of ascorbic acid it is; buffered, time release, etc. None of it is Vitamin C.



Meal replacement or protein supplement as a food insurance. We tend to overdo protein in the USA and we over emphasize meat. A good balanced meal is great, but sometimes you just can't. I've been drinking my breakfast for years. (My stomach wakes up way after I do.)

Never Whey, Never Cassein, Always Organic and Vegan. Here are a few.

Some days we just don't get our fruits and veggies. I consider this as food insurance.

If you want easy and no additives this is it. I tried another brand and threw it out. It seems that most of the "organic" comes with declumpers and other stuff, maybe from the same source. This one doesn't and it is delicious. Traveling? No challenge, no ice-packs needed. Can you say easy?

Traditional Peruvian adaptogen for your endocrine system. (Endocrine = your hormonal system)

Traditional foods for your joints.

Neem is the go to for many things in the ayurvedic world; skin, liver, blood cleanser are the main ones.  You can read about it here. The first one is capsules. The second powder. It is bitter, but the body gets used to it.

If you prefer the western route. Reishi mushroom myselium is the go to for whole body health. Again the first is capsules the second powder.

Add a few more ingredients to do even more.

A lovely homeopathic for those of you out and about in the everlasting viral season. 

I've been using this stuff on and off since the 90's. According to published data and live cell microscopy (which is hard to get these days in the USA) it unclumps blood and is a pH adaptogen. That's fancy for if you are too acid it helps you be alkaline and if you're too alkaline it helps you be acid. Because of this it may help you be an inhospitable host to nasty critters like viruses and bacteria that are not good for you.

Memory and Brain x 3 supplements

This is one of the ingredients of my morning shake. More brain power for my day. It's made a difference for me in accessing names and nouns. Something I can have a challenge with after a nasty run in with a local anesthetics a few years back.

My second lovely brain aid. I take this one with dinner to power me through the evening.

And a third happy brain supplement.

Eye health is important to all of us. We need the nutrients. If you are working with me on digesting and eating the right foods, that's a great way to go, but if, like me you have lived outdoors for most of your life you may feel more secure adding a little extra.

Flexible and Strong: nerves, tendons, muscles, bones, cardiovascular system building

Keeping anything in your body that you want flexible, strong needs a few things. MSM, silica and good omegas. This is my choice for the silica. And no, silica is not silicon.

MSM source

Another MSM source

Silica source

Silica another source 

One also needs mineral. We are meant to eat the plants, not the rocks. So long ago the plants did their thing. Now as a  sediment laid down over the ages we now call them humeric.

Here's a little something, especially for those of you who live in the Piedmont. 

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A marvelous temporary stress relief. The first link is a single box, and the second a case of 12.

Food form stress relief and calm. Slightly different ingredients is the capsule or powder. Pick the formula that is best for you.