How restoring function and optimum health may benefit you.

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People have different issues they do not want to be identified with for many reasons. Although this often can bring up a question in your mind, it is my HIPPA duty to observe confidentiality. On the other hand, I know you would like to hear some people's experience.


The results from my last blood work was not good. I did an energy session with Linda that was really outstanding, reconnecting feelings with actions so to speak…parts work…and my eating has been 500% improved.

My litmus test is, “How’s that working for you?” and as long as it does no harm go for it. I work in the healthcare field and God knows I see a considerable amount of damage from conventional medicine and wisdom. S.W.


“When I started seeing Linda a year and a half ago, my level of anxiety was off the charts. I have been receiving the NEAT treatments and have added enzymes and the Bach Flower herbs to my diet and feel so much calmer. Life will always have stress in it however I feel I am able to manage the stress in my life much differently and can keep more balance in my life.”  C.


" I didn't know how bloated I felt, until I didn't anymore." E.


" The difference is remarkable. I don't crash after meals, and I can sleep." J.


"Wow, I'm back! The exhaustion is gone." T.


"I just couldn't deal with the stress. I feel so much steadier." A.


“Everybody needs to see Linda. I want my whole family to work with her.” J2.


“Linda has truly produced some substantial change.  I noticed that this time when I arrived in Mexico there was relatively no adjustment to the different climate or to sleeping.  I was able to keep up with the regime that you have set. It was a remarkable testament about what her work has accomplished. Imagine, no tiredness!  Thanks for all of the good work.” R.


“I met Linda at a networking luncheon and when I heard her talk about her healing and rebalancing practice I was impressed. Two weeks later I unexpectedly started to have daily head aches. I have no history of head aches but I had suddenly increased the hours in front of a computer screen working on graphics. I had one healing session with Linda and the headaches are gone and haven't returned. Aside from the positive results I was also impressed when she said only one session appeared to be called for at the present. Linda listened to my concerns and partnered with me in rebalancing my body. I enthusiastically recommend her services to others.”  L. on Linkedin


“I had a custom Bach mix once before but it couldn't begin to compare with the results I am getting from the one you did.”  K.


“Linda Dulicai has quite a special way of seeing the body systems, recognizing imbalance and knowing how to restore them to the healthy nutritional balance. Linda worked wonders for me during my lengthy antibiotic treatments and eventual surgery last year. I was so fortunate to know of her before my surgery. She was the first person to consult on my care and she even made a trip to my house as I was too ill to travel. I am certain that Linda's dietary suggestions, probiotics and enzymes made a huge impact on my speedy recovery from the many treatments, stressful surgery and anesthesia. Now, any significant change to my care and lifestyle is checked with her… First! I was back to work far sooner than expected with her program. Linda is an incredible resource.

In my experience, it is hard to find anyone with her understanding of body chemistry that can synthesize technical information to useful application for the everyday person, and be willing to discuss it. It takes a fine brain to crystallize complicated biological processes, and an even more caring and patient heart to communicate these concepts for our understanding. Most Doctors don’t even try to explain what the body needs- in fact she can council many of them! Linda shares her fine combination of brains and heart to her clients, as a result, healing begins and health is restored”. K2. on Facebook


“Linda Dulicai is more than a holistic health service provider – she’s an honest broker. On several occasions in the past two years, she has improved my physical well-being and reduced my stress levels. However, she has always given me just exactly what I needed and no more.” M.