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Clean water means no chlorine, no flouride, no drug residuals, no arsenic, no other un-named chemicals. That includes not only our drinking water, cooking water, but also our bathing water.

There are easy solutions to this. This is passive prevention.


Healthy Sleep means a full nights sleep in a dark environment. It also means not sleeping on something that is outgassing in your face for eight hours.

There are easy solutions to this as well. Did you know that you could sleep more efficiently? Can you imagine waking each morning feeling rested and ready to go?

In addition to the obvious, here's something else to consider. You body heals and rebuilds at night, while you are deeply asleep. If you're not, it doesn't. End of story.

Good sleep in a good environment is passive prevention.


Advanced Magnetic Technology for health and healing. No, a refrigerator magnetic or an acupuncture magnetic is not the same thing. Learn more about passive health.


Organic Skincare for men and women. Tired of wondering just what to put on your skin? Tired of guessing if it's any good? Guess no more.