Conscious Walking™

The ability to combine benefits from Conscious Walking is truly amazing.
A new technique for physical and energetic health.

If you don't have time for five hours of meditation, how would you like a half hour walk accomplish the same thing?

Newly introduced to North America.


Mohanji introduced it to North America this month. In June 2015 he introduced it in celebration of International Yoga Day. Read about how it is already sweeping the world.


Here is an excerpt from the blog

"In order to commemorate this occasion worldwide, Raja Yogi Mohanji’s followers assembled across the globe to practice the powerful dynamic meditation technique called The Conscious Walking. Conscious Walking is a newly created technique by Raja Yogi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and has multiple benefits:

– It is good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life,
– It helps self control,
– It reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears,
– It increases concentration.
– It increases togetherness and oneness."

In addition the position and posture are conducive to helping the lymphatic system open up. This means your body can take out the garbage. On August 24th I posted on my Facebook page an article about posture while sleeping .

The News and Events page

will carry when and where you may learn this technique locally.