Brin's Law of Nutritional Deficiencies


Years ago, before the internet, I came across an article in print talking about Brin's Law. A colleague and I spent some time to make it visual.


My clients have found it helpful in their understanding of where they are at any moment in their health.


You can, and do, move up and down the scale depending on the level of stress your body experiences, what you are exposed to and how well you are able to "bounce back".


As a wellness practitioner it is my job to move you up the scale. I know what I have at my disposal and in my knowledge base to help you. The variables are;


  1. How much permanent damage has been done?
  2. How long has it been going on?
  3. How is your compliance? or How often will you shoot yourself in the foot?
  4. What things can't you change?
  5. What things won't you change?
  6. If you need to change what rate can you handle?


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