Empowering Your Health & Life

Working with Your Whole Being for Optimal Health

Working with Your Whole Being for Optimal Health

Emotions & Energy

Are emotional stresses in the way?

Does your past come back to haunt you?

Are you just sick of your story?

Just need some relaxation?

Physical & Lifestyle

Are you eating into your strengths?

or weaknesses?

Are you digesting?

Is your body using it?

Certified Life Enhancement Coach

Energetic Support

Energy Sessions 


We all deal with emotional stress on a daily basis. Some stressors we can change, some we can't.


Combined Energy Sessions: Whatever you need: relax, move energy past blocked channels (meridians), bring energy in. 

  • Reiki
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Guided Energy
  • Neural Energy Alignment 

Asian Technique Emotional Clearing: The stuff that is not yours.

Available at any Expo where I have a booth.

  • Some are  inherited emotions from ancestors
  • Things you witnessed.
  • Do you really need other peoples' stuff? Much of what we deal with never was ours. That is why I separated out storyfreeliving. Whose story is it anyway?

Add a custom mixed Bach Flower Essence to any session. $35.00

Physical and Lifestyle Support

Initial Evaluation, Planning and Session


Find the emotional, structural, nutritional components of where you are and build an individual path to your optimum health. 

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to be completed at the initial consult 
  • Review of any dietary supplementation or over the counter products you may be using
  • Review of your past history as it relates to your goals
  • Review all findings and coordinate your plan

**If your plan is for your physical health, a basic digestive enzyme and other products may be needed to rebuild your systems. These are identified on an individual basis and are priced individually.

Build Your Plan


Once we have looked at all of the factors involved in how you got where you are, where you are, where you want to be and what factors are involved in moving you forward we will create an individualized plan.


It may look like some coaching , some emotional clearing, some lifestyle changes and some supplementation. My goal is to empower you to the point of only requiring six month or annual reviews to maintain optimal health.


You plan package of online sessions is customized to your needs. Coaching is available at storyfreeliving. Unless it is a single emergency situation I am not a miracle worker and neither are you.