On Being Grateful

Keep Smiling.
Happy Thanksgiving

Copyright: dazdraperma / 123RF Stock Photo

As we are celebrating Thanksgiving, we often think about being grateful.  But what about the other 364 days of the year?


In this blog, I have talked about language and ways of being. Feeling grateful is a way of being, one of those emotions that is in the present tense. It can’t be a story about our past or future because we are grateful now. Confused? Don’t be.


You may think of a story that leads you to being grateful. You may talk about how you were grateful for whatever happened, but if you feel into it, you are grateful now. The story lives in our head, but the emotion lives in our heart.


The happy moral is that if you are sad or angry or any other negative emotion, at any time, you can think of that story and move into feeling grateful.


The more you practice feeling grateful, the more you will come from a place of gratitude. Negative emotions fade. Gratitude, forgiveness and love flourish. Keep a gratitude journal to fuel the feeling. You might even try practicing gratitude for what you would like to come into your life.


Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Linda Dulicai

CEO, The Healthy Zone