You Know You Need An Alternative Health Practitioner When...

Need an alternative view on your health?
But I don't want to go down THAT road.

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By Katherine Gotthardt


One of the top reasons people come to see Linda Dulicai is they’ve watched other people in their family live unhealthy lives, and they just don’t want to travel down that same road.  Does this sound like you? 


Maybe this will ring a bell.  Your mom had Type 2 Diabetes.  She lost her vision, had her foot amputated and eventually died from the disease.  You look at your eating habits and realize you take in too much sugar, just like she did throughout her life.  So you try to control what you eat, but it’s not working.  You don’t know why you are behaving this way when you know what will happen if you continue to eat like you do. So maybe it’s time to pick up the phone and give Linda a call.


Or perhaps you’ve got another problem.  You remember your father used to sleep a lot.  He wasn’t sick, and he didn’t stay up all night.  He didn’t seem to have any obvious illness and otherwise functioned well.  Now, you keep sensing something is wrong with your own body, but you don’t know what it is.  You are eating healthy foods, you exercise, you get the right amount of sleep, but you’re still tired all the time.  You want to know what’s going on with your body and how you can restore your energy level.  So you pick up the phone and give Linda a call.


Here’s another scenario.  You’ve been told your cholesterol numbers are high, that it’s hereditary, that you need to go on medication.  Trouble is, you don’t want to take any more medication.  You’re already on so much medication, you could stock your own pharmacy.  It’s not the road you want continue down.  You want options, not meds.  So you call Linda.


One more.  You watched your brother, who is only a year older than you, start deteriorating before your eyes.  It happened so fast.  First, he stopped exercising.  Then, he stopped eating well.  He put on a lot of weight.  Before long, he was having issues with mobility.  Though he was only in his forties, he was on a cane and needed double knee surgery because the weight had ruined his knees.  You’re scared because you see how easily he fell into this pattern.  You don’t want it to happen to you. You want to know how to avoid that road.  So you call Linda.


These are all valid reasons for reaching out to an alternative health practitioner.  Why?  That’s a good word to use, because Linda looks at the whys.  Why is your body behaving the way it is?  Why are you behaving the way you are? “What” is also a good word.  What are you willing to do to change?


You aren’t doomed to repeat others’ mistakes, live the life they did or reap the consequences of their choices.  Once you believe this, you are ready to take that step and start living better. 


If you’re at that place, give Linda a call at 540-428-1949 or email  She’ll help you identify and meet your health goals.