NIH Study on Accountability in Weight Loss

A thought or two came to me this morning. Not a rare occurance, but today an organized one which you may find of benefit. There are many weight loss programs out there. They can be very expensive.


Then there's the NIH's announcement on a study about long- term outcomes.


So here's the thing:

  1. What if you could have accountability and updates from others?
  2. Products designed for how your body works and don't cause you to bounce off the ceiling.
  3. How about better nutrition and less stress during weight release?
  4. Have help before you sabotage yourself?
  5. What if you could save you money on your program at the same time?
  6. And what if that program might do more for you than just loosing weight?

 Like getting it for free? Or have an income from it?


Do you think you might benefit?


If you answered positively to any of the 6 questions

The 90 Day Challenge is for You:

Change Your Story 90 days at a time.



If you've read some of this site, you already know that I am close to being fanatical about using safe and natural products. Beyond that, they must not produce an unwanted side effect. Beyond that, you must like to use them and they should not be so expensive as to interfere with the rest of your life. After all, it is part of your food budget, not your medical bill.


It's not only about the weight you want to permanently release.


It’s about keeping the muscle, loosing the extra skin, and being fit.