Nutritional Rules of Engagement:

  1. Put as much of the good stuff in as possible
  2. Keep as much of the bad stuff out as possible
  3. Compensate for everything else

Don't know where to start?

  1. Start where you are, and go from there.
  2. Where are you now? Not sure? This chart can help.

The better the job we can do, the less we need to compensate. Keep reading...

To keep me out of trouble with whatever regulatory body is in charge today: 

Nutritional Supplements do not cure or treat any illness or disease. Supplements are not drugs.

They have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are simply foods.

However, our bodies have amazing healing powers of their own when fed the right nutritional building blocks.  


The USDA has said we can't get what we need from our food. 

It said that in the 1930s and then again in the 90's.


Therefore I work from the viewpoint of compensation.

Compensate for what?... How do you answer these questions?

  •  What is the level of your wellness? (Where are you on the chart?)
  •  How well do you eat? (Organic, some organic, I don't eat organic, eat out often)
  •  What do you put on your skin? (Organic, what smells good, what's on sale)
  •  How much stress are you under? (Work, home, health, time, lack of sleep)
  •  Are you getting the appropriate level of exercise? (Appropriate to your physical condition)
  •  What environment do you live and work in? (Also where did you grow up?)
  •  What can you change?
  •  What can't you change?
  •  What are you willing to change?
  •  How fast can you as an individual absorb change?

Starting Point for: "I Want to Do It Myself."  ↓↓↓

Digestive discomfort? Know you have digestive challenges?



  • Enzymes break down our food
  • The workhorses of the body
  • Chemical reactions in the body are triggered by enzymes

Find your mix today.

There are many more things I have in my tool bag to help you become "Weller" through Holistic Natural Health. Too many to list. So, contact me for your free 20 minute phone consult and I'll be happy to fill you in with what might fit your personal needs.