Enzymes for Health

Here’s a Silly Question. Do you have stress?

Did you know?

No matter where your stress originates

your body can respond in only one way.


The Healthy Zone can help you address the chain of events resulting from your stress: Sleeplessness, weight gain, indigestion, hormonal imbalances.

Would it be helpful to know what could be in store for you if you don't act and to have the choice of stepping off the tracks before the train arrives?


Just a smidge of basic chemistry here.


There is not a single chemical reaction in our body that does not rely on an enzyme. Enzymes do the work. Everything else is raw material.


We are designed to get our basic enzymes from raw food.


(Remember my saying on the nutrition page that we are designed to eat 80% raw?) That also means, fresh (as in really ripened on the living plant and with a short supply chain), and especially non-gmo.


Ok, so if we are eating 95% cooked or genetically modified food (now called on labeling GE or genetically engineered) or highly processed food what impact does that have on us?


Care to take a guess?


I cannot emphasize enough.

You are not broken, your body functions as designed.

The food supply is broken.



If you want to know more about what you are putting on your body, in your body or use in your home EWG is a great resource.


Here are just a few comments on what enzymes have done for folks.


  • "I didn't know how bloated I felt, until I didn't anymore." E
  • "The difference is remarkable. I don't crash after meals, and I can sleep." J
  • "I just couldn't deal with the stress. I feel so much steadier." A
  • "My speaker anxiety is gone. I never would have thought nutrition would help with that!"B
  • "My family can't live without our enzymes and my husband has to have the chewable:)!! Thank you."