Workshops for Women Summer 2018

Am I Living My Best Life?

Workshops for Women

4 Workshop Sessions / 2 Days / July 21st & August 18th

Saturday July 21st Morning Session 9:30 - 1:00

Shoulda, Coulda, Yes, No, Maybe! Which One Am I?

  • Who is making my decisions?
  • Where is the space for me in my life?
  • Do I know how to say no, or not now?
    • Leave this workshop knowing when and if something is in my best interest
    • Know what is my correct timing
    • Know the tools keeping me in the center of my life & not feeling selfish

Saturday July 21st Afternoon Session 1:30 -5:00

My Teeter-Totter Life. How is That Working for Me?

  • How many hats do I wear?
  • Who is in control of my life?
  • How do I find my balance?
    • Know when my decisions keep me in the game or not.
    • Know how to have the balance that is best for me.

Saturday August 18th Morning Session 9:30 -1:00

Look Up! Look In! Who Do I Want to Be?

  • Am I whom I want to be?
  • How do I find me inside me?
  • How do I create the vision of my future?
    • Know what is truly important to me.
    • Create my own personal vision plan.
    • I have the tools to review it at any time.

Saturday August 18th Afternoon Session 1:30-5:00

Ready, Set, Action! How Do I Move Forward?

  • Where do the puzzle  pieces of my life fit together?
  • How do I work within my personal timing?
  • What skills do I need to have this work for me?
    • Have my own action plan.
    • Know that it is exclusively mine.

Am I Living My Best Life
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