Emotional Hangover?

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What can you do with old emotions?

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By Katherine Gotthardt


Emotional hangovers – most of us have them but don’t even know it until we try to get something done, only to find something unidentifiable is in our way.  Maybe it’s something we’ve witnessed, something that happened in our past or something we inherited genetically, but all these things can impede our emotional, spiritual and physical progress.  They leave what Linda Dulicai, Holistic Healer, calls an “electrical signature.”  What’s needed is an emotional clearing. An emotional clearing is achieved through the removal of discordant electrical signatures that are imprinted upon us.


The evaluation is based in Chinese medicine and uses energy techniques.  Regardless of varying beliefs, Dulicai believes the point where spiritual and other views come together in the new field of epigenetics. Dulicai highly recommends reading Power vs. Force by David Hawkins who pioneered a reproducible scale for emotions. 


Dulicai describes the process as tapping into the electrical field of her clients.  “I am working with people who inherited conditions down the genetic line, who have had their own experiences that caused the condition or witnessed something early on in childhood.


Kids have no framework.  It’s like they put the experience in a box with a note that says ‘open when there’s a framework.’  That’s an emotional hangover.”


Dulicai says PTSD is an extreme example of an emotional hangover, resulting from a direct experience.  “When you remove the electrical signature, the memory won’t go away, but the emotional trigger for it will.  Clients still have to deal with the event, but they won’t, for example, have to dive under a bed whenever they hear a car backfire.”


An inherited experience is something a little less understood by most.  Dulicai says an example would be an individual who “had an awful life but died and had no way to process it.  What’s left in the genes is a discordant electrical frequency.  You can’t find it with a counselor, but that emotion feels familiar, even if it’s not yours. 


“For example, I might have a client that says, ‘I hate that sort of person.’  I ask why.  The answer I get is ‘I don’t know.’  They made it [the emotion] their own, but it’s not theirs. Remove the signature and after, they will meet that kind of person and think, ‘That person doesn’t bother me anymore.’”


There is a direct connection between spiritual/energetic health and physical health, Dulicai says, but not everyone is ready to face the full scope healing entails.  “If you’re in a situation where your emotions are like a hurricane, you can’t keep up with your nutritional needs,” she says.


“People come to me for whatever reasons they come to me.  I can’t make a person ready to deal with their emotions.  I can’t make a person change an unhealthy lifestyle habit. I have to deal with them on the ground that they’re on. If they’re not ready for something, they’re not ready for something.  My wanting them to be ready is about me, not them.”


If you’re ready to embark on a spiritual journey towards wellness, contact Linda Dulicai at  linda@The-Healthy-Zone.com.


A practitioner for more than 40 years, Linda Dulicai is a Certified Natural Health Professional and an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist educated in more than 25 modalities of wellness.  She is CEO of The Healthy Zone.