Cell Health is Your Health

Cellular Molecules and Communicartion
Do your cells talk nice to each other?

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By Linda Dulicai

Let’s talk about cells. Most of us don’t think of the trillions of little things that make up our bodies. But these guys – 75 trillion or so of them, depending on body size – are what keep us together and have the power to make us healthy or unhealthy. What fortifies them is nutrition.


According to the George Mateljan Foundation, “Cells are the fundamental units of life, the bricks from which all your tissues and organs are made, and are the smallest components considered to be living organisms in your body. Your cells are constantly communicating with each other, responding to your environment and to the signals they receive from what you touch and how you move. If your cells cannot operate efficiently, the functioning of your tissues and organs, which are built of your cells, will become compromised, and you can experience a diminishment of physical functioning and the onset of a host of health conditions and diseases. So, by keeping your cells well nourished, you are keeping yourself well nourished.”


That’s where the science of redox molecules begins. No, I’m not going to write a scholarly article. If you want those, there are ones from CERN published scientists, Springer published scientists, ARS and textbooks galore from the USA to South Africa. Google to your heart’s content.


Here’s the short of it. Cells must talk to themselves and each other. They must send out requests for raw materials (which hopefully you have) and fulfill commands. It seems the redox molecules are little Pac-Man type critters. It is a huge new science that has ramifications in more than biology. Redox molecules are everywhere. What the science is showing is that, like many other things, they reduce with age and stress.


So, are these little guys important for our cells to talk nicely to each other? You bet. Are they important for our cells to have the capacity to make fewer mistakes? You bet. Does the science seem to point to these little molecules having a role in all this? You bet. Is there a way to supplement them? You bet. Do we need to have the building blocks that good nutrition and supplementation provide for them to be able to do their jobs? You bet.


So what is the point? I would love to help you supplement your personal Pac-Man with ASEA. Exactly what will that do for you? I don’t know. I’m not you. I can guess, but not out loud, or you might not hear from me again. The FDA and the FTC have no sense of humor about claims.


Intrigued? You have the opportunity to take advantage of 30 minutes of my time, during which we can talk in greater depth and discuss your health goals and how you can meet them, not only as they pertain to your cellular health, but to your nutrition in general. Contact me today to set up your no-obligation telephone consultation. Your cells will thank you.

A practitioner for more than 38 years, Linda Dulicai is a Certified Natural Health Professional and an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist educated in more than 25 modalities of wellness. She is CEO of The Healthy Zone.