5 Resolutions to Never Make

Planning for 2015?
Life happens whether on your terms or others.

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By Linda Dulicai and Katherine Gotthardt

We are so excited as the new energy for 2015 is being birthed into the world. Can you feel it? There are plans and resolutions being made about every aspect of life. There are families to be brought into existence, lives to enhance, new careers to love, all of the hopes and dreams vibrating on the edges of our consciousness.  But how many resolutions will make it as far as February?


We’re not saying this to be pessimistic or to throw water on your parade. We hope every resolution that will enhance life succeeds. But some that may be vibrating out there probably will never succeed. Why? Let’s see.

1.   “I will save more money this year.”  This is a good one, especially considering how many people have little to no savings.  But there’s something wrong with this resolution.  It’s vague. How much money do you want to save, and how will you do it?  Even more importantly, why do you want to save money?  Put the goal in specifics and the why behind it. Perhaps, “I will put $__ to lower my debt to $___ by ___. Then I will reward myself with___.” 


2.   “I will be more successful.”  Well, okay, but what exactly does that mean?  This resolution lacks definition.  What does “successful” signify to you? Is it more income, more time, a title or recognition? Be specific.  Build a picture of success.


3.   “I will make a million dollars this year.”  This is a good example (for most people) of something we should want. But do you really want that amount? Maybe you want more or less. If it is appropriate, why do you want it, what will it mean to you, and what will you do with it?


4.    “I will lose weight.” You and two-thirds of the rest of the overweight world, right? But this resolution is open ended.  Ask for what you want. That which you lose you get to find. So perhaps with this one try, “I will be wearing a size __ and weigh less than___ by ___.



5.   “I want to stop feeling tired all the time.”  While this is an admirable goal, it’s a negative, which usually leads to negative results.  The better wording is, “I will have more energy.” The steps may be to get to bed earlier, or eat better foods, or release weight or exercise. But think about this.  What are the things that being more energetic will allow into your life? That’s the real goal – to identify and let those things in.


How do we know tweaking resolutions increases the likelihood of attaining them?  Well, the science is there for one thing.  Evidence is there for another thing.  Our clients more often reach their goals when they follow these guidelines.    


So in this spirit, we say, have fun with 2015. Make it your best year ever. If we may be of service in that endeavor, feel free to contact Lind Dulicai for the no-obligation, no-cost telephone consultation.


A practitioner for more than 38 years, Linda Dulicai is a Certified Natural Health Professional and an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist educated in more than 25 modalities of wellness. She is CEO of The Healthy Zone.