Wellness is a Process not a Belief

123rf stock photo Uwe Merkel

By Linda Dulicai


It’s now almost 40 years since I started down the wellness road to better health. Like everyone else when I started I had issues. They interfered with my daily life and were inexplicable. I was lucky. I had a medical doctor who was educated to find causes. He was a bulldog. He would not give up. When he retired he gave me a list of things to never let the medical community treat me for or there would be no end to it. That was interesting to me.


It was a long time ago. Every time I found a doctor that actually worked for resolution they either retired or quit. That was also interesting to me. I went through a lot of doctors before I found the alternative world. I have been grateful ever since.


So here’s how it happened. I was on the verge of yet another cluster migraine. I was self medicating with caffeine. A friend walked into my office and said, “Hey I found something”, squirted it my tea and said drink it. I looked at her like she was a nut case, but drank it. My head became clear and I almost never had another headache much less cluster migraine.


That happened after I had been opened up mentally to the nutrition world because of the detoxing of my horse from heavy metal poisoning. How strange life can be.


So what is the point and do you really care how I got here? Probably not, but some people are sure they will be judged by me or other alternative people. Some think that because what they do for a living is with a company who let’s just say may be the antithesis of health that they are not worthy in our eyes. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all started somewhere and believe me, we laugh at ourselves when we get together at conferences, but we will not laugh at you. We take what we do not only seriously, but as a calling. We have no choice. This is who we are.


I invite you to start the process from wherever you are. I, for one, will meet you at that place and work with you to shorten your learning curve to better health. Your process may be long or short. It is your process from your beginning place. The important thing is the direction. Will I hold you accountable for your process? Sure, you are paying me to do that.


If you are wondering what happens after you make that choice, contact me for a no obligation, no cost 30 minute phone conversation. I’ll be happy to answer that question.


A practitioner for more than 38 years, Linda Dulicai is a Certified Natural Health Professional and an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist educated in more than 25 modalities of wellness. She is CEO of The Healthy Zone.